Parish News

As the regulations and guidelines concerning the Covid virus continue to change, we are doing our best to make coming to Mass as safe and comfortable as possible. The Masses will be at 4pm on Saturday (Anticipated), 8am on Sunday in Spanish, 10:00am in English and 12:00pm in Spanish. People who live together may sit together.  Otherwise we will be six feet apart.  There will be a limit to the number of people able to be in the building at one time. We are no longer taking reservations, but space is still limited, so you might want to come early.

I would suggest that if you are in a category in which you could easily get sick that you not attend the Mass yet.  We will continue to live stream Mass.   The bishop has continued to abrogate the obligation to assist in Mass at this time.  We want everyone to feel as safe as possible.

There will be sanitizer when you enter the church.  You will be escorted to a seat.  The restroom will be closed because we don’t have the staff to sanitize after each use.

For those who are unable to attend the Mass because we run out of space or are not yet comfortable with being in a space with a number of people we will distribute Holy Communion at 1:30 in the parking lot in English and Spanish.  Please watch mass at home and then proceed to St. Joseph parking lot via JACKSON AVENUE using both entrances, and follow the instructions provided by the lot attendants.

When you reach the priest or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion roll down your window and respond Amen, to the words: the Body of Christ.

(May I suggest you do not aim your face directly at the communion minister when saying Amen as we’re told that it one way to spread the virus.  Look toward the windshield.  Then turn your head as you receive communion preferably in the hand, which should be fully extended.

After receiving leave via the MANNING AVENUE exit in front of you.

May this opportunity to receive the Eucharist be a grace filled moment.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Father George